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Definition of forgiveness: : the act of forgiving.


Forgiveness is a interesting concept, as some of us have been so wronged, we can feel like the offender doesn't deserve our forgiveness, and maybe you are right! Maybe they don't. Maybe.


But forgiveness isn't always as straight forward as that. The feelings that surround "the event" can cloud our thoughts and our actions for years or a lifetime. That cloud can spread into other areas and affect other people and relationships that had nothing to do with the original event. Consider the concept of "trust" as an example of this. Someone hurts someone, and the wall that gets built up afterwards can now negatively effect future relationships, even though the new person had nothing to do with it.

Sometimes, we will hold on to grudges over mistakes or poor decisions that ended in a poor outcome, even though we logically know that nobody has the power to predict the outcome of each decision and most sane people to not intentionally make bad decisions. In fact, sometimes the intention was good, but the outcome was a failure... and yet it wasn't forgiven.


Sometimes the person we need to forgive is ourselves. Sometimes a person will punish themselves and it will manifest itself in many different ways, many with self-destructive themes.


Sometimes a person will replay the memories of a negative person, event, or circumstance over and over again in this mind, which only keeps those negative feelings active, which just feels bad.


Forgiveness comes in many forms and had many purposes. By letting go of the negative feelings and leaving it in the past, you can set yourself free from it bogging you down in the present and into your future.


This session helps you to let go and leave things in the past through the concept of forgiveness.


This is a multi-sensory session, incorporating binaural beats (brain wave rhythm sounds), and a multi-voice (more than one voice at a time) approach. This session is designed for either daytime or night-time listening (you can sleep through it) and requires headphones for optimal effectiveness.


Note: Some people have been written that Forgiveness only comes from God. This may be true. This session comes from many angles, so you can use it any way you wish to assist yourself. While this session doesn't mention religion, there is no interference with your spiritual beliefs. 


As with all hypnosis sessions, please listen at a time and place where you can safely have your eyes closed and be free from interruptions. 


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