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Mind Body Connection and Transformation

Mind Body Connection and Transformation

We all know that the brain controls everything that the body does. Why not use that to your advantage? By tuning in more intensely to the signals of the body and vise-versa you can deepen the relationship you have with your body and work closely with it to be the healthiest you. The "transformation" part of this session involves your own ability to reprogram your body to your best advantage. This is a long session (30 minutes), so be prepared to relax and connect.


This is a multi-sensory session, incorporating binaural beats (brain wave rhythm sounds), and a multi-voice (more than one voice at a time) approach. This session is specifically designed for daytime listening and requires headphones or earbuds for optimal effectiveness. 


As with all hypnosis sessions, please listen at a time and place where you can safely have your eyes closed and be free from interruptions. 

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