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Decision Making (night use)

Decision Making (night use)

Sometimes making decisions, big or small, can sometimes be a struggle and we can find ourselves questioning ourselves rather than listening to our own intuition and gathered information. This session strives to balance your logical, informational decision making skills with your instinctual knowledge in order to use your conscious and your subconscious mind more harmoniously to increase your decision making skills.


This is a multi-sensory session, incorporating binaural beats (brain wave rhythm sounds), and a multi-voice (more than one voice at a time) approach. This session is specifically designed for night-time listening (you can sleep through it) and requires headphones or earbuds for optimal effectiveness.


Note: This is a nighttime version of this session. There is a daytime listening version of this session available. The content is identical. The only differerence is the ending (one encourages you to be alert, one encouranges you to go to sleep). As with all hypnosis sessions, please listen at a time and place where you can safely have your eyes closed and be free from interruptions.

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