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Do you need someone to guide you, answer questions, or keep you accountable?

Have you ever wanted to try a more natural approach to your healthcare but didn't know where start? Tired of being tired?


At Mindset, we know the power of natural health, both mentally and physically. By integrating a variety of natural approach methods which include lifestyle coaching, holistic nutritional and health guidance, clinical and medical hypnotherapy, mind-body awareness, and logical weight loss approaches,  the quality of a person's physical, emotional, and mental state could be vastly improved. What's more... we learned that you don't even need to come to our office to get help.

Dr. Kaylan works effectively with people but with people from all over the country. She works with clients via Skype, e-mail, face-time, Marco Polo, and the telephone to help people make changes all within the privacy of their own home. Everything is customized, so you can get as much or as little help as you choose.  

The answers are within you. We just help you find them sooner.


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