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The mind and the body are completely intertwined,  and the evidence is clear that negative or positive thinking patterns have an impact on our physical health, both good and bad. For example, stressful thinking patterns can cause physical reactions (panic attacks, headaches, heart attacks, stomach issues, slow healing, etc.), while focused, positively directed thought patterns can boost the immune system, promote healing, and in some cases, restore health.


Psychoneuroimmunology and psychoneurobiology address the connections between the brain and physical pain or disease. In many cases, pain can be decreased or eliminated, and people have in accelerated healing process when recovering or coping with a disease or surgical procedure.  


The subconscious mind controls most bodily functions. By using specific visualization, meditation, or hypnosis techniques, studies indicate that this type of integrated approach to health care can accelerate and improve a patients overall well being, recovery, and health. 

This type of treatment is not meant to replace the need for a medical doctor, but to assist the the facilitation of the treatment, and in many cases, accelerate healing and improve mental outlook. . Many conditions require an MD and/or medications. While many of our clients are able to reduce or eliminate medications over time, any medication changes should always be done under the guidance of the prescribing physician.  

The process is surprisingly simple and is as easy as listening to relaxing music and words. The subconscious part of the brain can then begin helping the body to recover.  

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