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Grateful for the Details

What details in life do you take the time to appreciate and which ones do you ignore? Do you ever take the day for granted because "nothing special" happened? You know..."same stuff, different day"?

Once you take something for granted, you run the risk of missing the beauty that surrounds you. Look around you right now and try to see your surroundings with appreciation. Recall your day, and remember acts of kindness that existed (It could be something simple, like a smile). Think about the miracles of nature and the people that love you. Think about those that you love as well. Even when things aren't "perfect", think about how amazing it is that you're even here to experience it at all. We all have the gift of the moment. Sometimes those moments are times to learn. Sometimes those moments are to give thanks. When was the last time you gazed upon a beautiful sunset or looked at the stars? Did you notice the details? Did you take the time to feel thankful for the moment? Give yourself the gift of noticing the details. No one else can do that for you.

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